What is Waku Waku Senshu ?
We are exerting ourselves for the development of Senshu region and its outskirts through variety of projects and activities. The word "Waku Waku" means "exciting" in Japanese. As this word expresses, we aim to create our region exciting and attractive to people both within and outside of Japan. For the purpose, it is very much significant to introduce our culture and industry to the world, and promote internationalization of our region through exchanges between our people and neighboring countries. We hope that you will be joining our projects, and we are looking forward to seeing you.
Senshu Twenty-first Century Association
Non-Profit Organization
Establishment: March 22nd 2001
Chairperson: Dr Taro Nakayama
Address: Texpia Osaka 7F, 22-45, Asahi-cho, Izumiotsu-city, Osaka 595-0025, Japan
Tel: (81)(0)725-23-8103
Fax: (81)(0)725-23-8104
Homepage: http://wakuwaku-senshu.com
Introduction of our activities
  a series of "Waku Waku Senshu Forum"
We provide opportunities to have discussion and share ideas about wide ranging topics related to the development of Senshu region.
First Waku Waku Senshu Forum was held on 12th May 2001 under the theme "Tourism Industry and Industrial Tourism for our regional development".
Danjiri to the World
In order to introduce our culture to the world and acquire high reputation, we invite Ambassador and distinguished diplomats to Danjiri Festival. We would like the Danjiri Festival to be as famous as the Rio Carnival is world wide.
Senshu International Music Festival (now planning)
A series of music concert will be held from 8th of Semtember to 23rd of November at city halls. For example, "Senshu Chorus Concert" at Izumino-Mori Hall, and "Concert of Pipe Organ and Orchestra" at Hagoromo-Gakuen Hall.
SENSHU FLAG is designed by the Senshu born world-famous designer, Hiroko Koshino for the new Senshu and for inspiring our sense of bonds. We introduce this Senshu Flag as a symbol of Senshu regional development. (Senshu flag is a registered trademark.)
Ms. Hiroko Koshino, Designer : Messages in Senshu Flag
 The beauty of Senshu region blessed with historical heritages such as ancient tombs, great nature, and abundant local industries, has been expressed by Japanese calligraphy style graphic design. The vivid red color represents kindness of Senshu people, their strong power, and their energy toward the future.